Monday, November 1, 2010

Reviews: What's new this week

Here is an overview of what's new this week in family entertainment as adapted reviews and ratings by Media good sense. Click on the links to read the full reviews.

DVD: "" Yes, Virginia, ""
Based on a true story, "Yes, Virginia" is the hot story in the quest for a girl prove the existence of Santa Claus and the friendliness of its mission refers to those around him one absent refreshing holiday storytelling mercantilism that has become so widespread, the film captures the spirit of the day and shows how a person can really make a difference in the monde.Note: step, OK for children 4 +.

TV: "" Scared Shrekless ""
A special Halloween featuring each favorite ogre, features "Scared Shrekless" all characters familiar film tries to surpass each other frightening stories while camping abandoned and seemingly haunted Castle.As you expect, it is more stupid than frightening and humour MOM charged.Note: TV - PG, OK for children 6 +.

Books: ' "violet flowers: a Flower Power book" "
The second in a series by author Lauren Myracle "violet flowers: a Flower Power book," presents a diverse group of friends on a mission to get rid of their school snack malsaine.En road, cronies deal with issues of typical tween crash, friendships and girls moyennes.OK children 9 +.

Music: "medium" by Taylor Swift
A song in a timely manner on summer victimized, "Average" Taylor Swift is a unique publication of his third album, "Speak now."Although non-graphical, words are clearly an abusive situation and determination of Swift rise above the pain inflicted by his tormentor.OK for children 12 +.

"Games: Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush".
For the Nintendo DS, the DSi, Wii, and Xbox 360 "Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush" is a multiplayer game that includes the same last year ?Sluggers Sandlot? characters when football tournaments and rapid matches more multiplayer, the game offers a synopsis fun and lots of laughs along the way to the glory of football.Nominale, OK for children 8 +

Web: "to" Disney create ""
Free online applications allow users registered paint, sketch, draw and animate "creation of Disney," a safe destination for budding artists who wish to share their travail.Un filter language and screened chat messages keep the site easy to use tools encourage even artistically-guests speak créativement.OK for children 8 +.

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