Sunday, November 28, 2010

Problems Resulting from Downloading PS3 Games for Free

Problems Resulting from Downloading PS3 Games for Free

There are far too many scam sites out there offering free this or free that to not be wary of them. Any site offering free anything is a scam, and you’ll end up paying money in the end. Sometimes, you won’t even know that you’ve “bought” something. Often, your money will be taken without your knowing or consent, and you’ll be stuck with consequences. Therefore, when you see a sit offering to let you download PS3 games for free, you should approach it with a keen eye and wary mind. After all, the only truly legitimate way to download PS3 games is to do it on the built in browser included in the PS3 itself, and these are most often just game demos and not complete games.

Digital Distribution

Digital distribution is the marketplace of media done completely online. You not only purchase content online, but you download it directly to your hard drive (or you can often burn it onto physical media for a more secure backup copy). Instead of online retailers which sell you products online only to ship it out, you save on shipping and handling costs, but you don’t get any physical media unless you make it yourself. Therefore, downloading PS3 games for free seems at first glance to be a natural extension of this philosophy, but things are not always as they seem.

The only downloadable PS3 games for free that you can legally download are demos or small arcade games, and these are done on the browser. Downloading PS3 games for free on your computer is more properly known as copyright infringement, and you can end up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines if you caught. Such actions on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 would often result in your console being unable to access Xbox Live, and your console would become worthless online. Such measures have significantly minimized piracy, and fewer people than ever are illegally obtaining their games.

Still, game piracy continues to be a problem, and it only ends up hurting the market in the end. If you download PS3 games for free illegally, then you are contributing to the problem. When game developers earn less money, they have less resources to make new and awesome games. Eventually, the only games coming out will be sequels built on proven game engines and gameplay types, and innovation will take a severe beating. They’ll start coding what is financially safe and not branching out with new ideas to increase the wealth of games.

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