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Family: the most important element. What Teens Want

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Sisters enjoying a moment of laughter

by Linda Shaw?

Family: The Most Important Element

What Teens Want

Gifts, styles, transportation, and the way we communicate all take on new modes, but feelings about families seem to remain constant. A recent poll from April of 2010 showed that 89 percent of those polled reacted positively to the term “family values”. Additionally in an October 2010 poll?76 percent of those polled responded to the statement: family represents “the most important element of my life.” Comparatively, only one percent of this poll responded that family was “not an important element of my life.”

Recently while visiting my own parents, I read a 1997 Readers Digest article entitled “What Teens Really Want,” by Rachel Wildavsky. 1022 teens between the ages of 16-18 were asked what they valued and their views on family. 76 percent believed their values were pretty much the same as their parents, and 96 percent expected to marry. When asked what they wanted out of life or what brought them the most satisfaction, 91 percent responded to “having a good marriage,” and 94 percent chose “raising healthy and happy children.” Other poll choices included: earning lots of money (28%), making a name for yourself (33%), being active in your community (38%), and having plenty of recreational time (42%).

As I read the article I was struck that even though times have changed, and parents are often overwhelmed by the societal empowerment of teens, teens still basically want to belong to family. They understand that family is not about a Hollywood ending where romance and fairy-tale endings make us walk away feeling wonderful, but questioning our own family reality. Nor does it need to be defined by material possessions, income, or even education. Family is about connecting with one another, no matter how hard times may be.

All families go through difficult times. ?Seventeen-year-old (in 1997) Jon Stokes of Dallas said that he learned a realistic lesson from his parents’ tenacious marriage. He said,

“Marriage isn’t all romance and lovey-dovey. You commit to staying through the bad times and you share your life. You think about your actions and you share your obligations.”

As the Christmas season wraps around me, I have been able to consider this “most important element” of my life. I am thankful for my teen -age son, and his older siblings. I am thankful for his love of tradition, and of how he seeks always to remind me to take time to create those “special moments.”
He has reminded me that Christmas isn’t about giving our teens what peer pressure demands of them or helping them keep abreast of the newest trends, it’s really about family and the emotional connections we make at this time of year.

Is it any wonder that Christianity began with a family, or that we associate the giving of gifts with family togetherness? Prophets have long proclaimed the importance of family and its role upon society. Is it any wonder that the Son of God chose to come to us, and to give us his example, through a family?

It is my wish that as the Christmas season draws itself around you, that you might understand the elemental love that families bring to all of us. That you won't worry about the many?inconsequential moments, but remember the most important element, to the most important moments of your life, those found within your family.

Merry Christmas.

Have you asked your teen what he values most?

Have you asked your teen about his values?

Roper Center for Public

Wildavsky, Rachel, and Nigel Holmes. "What Teens Really Want."?Readers Digest?(1997): 50-57. Print.c Opinion?75th Anniversary Edition?


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google search virus redirect

A standard visitor takeover virus known as the “Ask Redirect Virus” basically requires over your browser, conveying every appears to be you appeal down to chance and irrelevant ads net sites. The primary divulging symptom can be once your computing device redirects your pursuit pains not less than 2 or 3 instances ahead of it then at last takes you to the site you are hoping to hit up.
One other way to inform those that have that virus, or otherwise, is if you will be receiving numerous pop-up house windows along with brand new tabs whilst your account is endeavoring to peruse the web.
The The search engine giant Redirect Virus has a bit of a special spin, which makes this product more durable to pinpoint and with more force to. Greatest viruses use an application and report that runs frequently with your processor, so your antivirus agenda can clasp and fix the matter.
The Aol Redirect Virus, then again, hundreds onto your system, improvements a few web browser data files and vanishes. That is what is the reason it’s so hard to remove. Your antivirus software is required to get the virus prior to it could possibly eliminate this product and after the virus possesses finished its harm and disappeared, finding this task turns out to be unbelieveable.
To eradicate the virus, you will have to remedy the contaminated archive and settings. This is often created by by using a p635 or procedure that targets the contaminated data files. Unluckily, it’s not really common expertise as to that will configuration and data seem to have been altered, which is why the majority of antivirus applications can not take out it then. The best way to get rid of it is exactly to experiment with an application referred to as ComboFix. It fundamental agenda isn’t scheduled in the majority install sites, nonetheless is amazingly useful and quickly at eliminate the The search engine giant Redirect Virus. This task uses a play to correct the documents for that words, which will removes the virus.
Following the ComboFix stab, make use of a registry cleaner program to inspect your laptop. This will likely locate and fix every errors which could stay inside the method. Most of the people never know the Aol Redirect Virus leaves many hundreds data and setting in your desktop it will produce you plenty for grief eventually. That is certainly what is the reason you should employ a registry cleaner to become positive that there is nothing at all left behind after the virus is detached. The registry cleaner shall indemnify that.

virus redirecting google searches

google redirect virus removal

You can assassinate the Search Engine Redirect Virus Removal by using the tutorial and articles on our website. You can Click Here to repair the Redirect Virus Removal on your Computer for good.

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How a Reminiscence Foam Neck Pillow Can Give You a Great Night’s Get to sleep

Have you worked for hours and hours and when you get house all you would like to do is get to sleep? And also right after an extended night snooze you even now really feel tired and tensed in the morning?

Numerous of people today nowadays have experienced that at least once in their lifetime. People have slept for several hours but still get up drained and agitated. What is worse is that they awaken having a headache and neck agony. That’s since their slumber was not comfortable. For the whole period of their get to sleep, there was no adequate support to their neck and head. If you might be 1 of them, you should alter your mattress pillow into a reminiscence foam neck pillow.

A memory space foam neck pillow can be a particular type of pillow that shapes and molds itself for the framework with the head and neck. This is best to assist you maintain a great posture even if you are lying on bed either in your back or on your side. It truly is essential to sustain a good alignment of one’s nck and backbone when sleeping. You should not snooze with your nck twisted because in the morning your nck will be sore and really agonizing.

The memory foam nck pillow uses pressure relieving material which has the capacity to perfectly conform itself to the shape of the neck so it offers your neck and spine with maximum consolation. It can be intended to cradle your nck and support your head. It really is created with high quality visco-elastic storage foam. Its visco-elasticity property reacts to human body heat and molds its shape towards the shape of your mind and nck. This pillow becomes soft where your system temperature is warm and denser.

What’s very good thing about this nck pillow is that it is light and portable. It’s possible to bring it anywhere you would like. At times you don’t get the correct pillow once you travel or stay in hotels. Now you do not have to be concerned about sleepless nights in foreign territory. Just bring your storage foam pillow. It is a pillow that comforts and supports.
For you to appreciate your sleep and get up relieved and energized, you must take distinct attention to your comfort throughout get to sleep. NCK pain is, painful. Constant nck ache is irritating and it prevents you from carrying out activities at home or in the workplace. It truly is extremely distracting and disrupts your concentration. Try the memory space foam nck pillow which will surely allow you to have a lengthy, good night’s sleep and most importantly, wake up refreshed and ready to begin a new day.

If you are looking for the best memory foam neck pillow, make sure you visit for the best reviews of high quality pillows like the back support pillow.

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New Age Hmong- What on earth is New Age Hmong?

New Age Hmong identifies a Hmong individual who isn’t scared to shatter old fashioned and cultural boundaries. Hmong-American or not, it’s obvious that things are changing which New Age Hmong phenomenon is going to steer the way for many existing Hmong to remain one as well as interconnected through the web. New Age Hmong is actually a brand spanking fresh social media internet site catering to the online Hmong Group.

The Chief executive officer and Co-founder is actually a Hmong woman in her late Twenties. Her name is Celine M. Lee. Celine’s objective will be to produce a motion in order to transform the social media experiences for the Hmong Community. New Age Hmong is special from the numerous already-in-existence Hmong social media internet sites. Presently, many if not just about all, of the Hmong social websites internet sites provide two typical functions: forum plus chat. New Age Hmong provides a lot more functions.

New Age Hmong is actually a mixture of facebook and youtube among additional amazing functions not pointed out at the moment. Whether folks wish to believe it or not, social websites internet sites function one main objective: networking. New Age Hmong is not an exclusion. New Age Hmong is free of charge to register for a new user profile. Members will surely have their own user profile site exhibiting their own personal and professional info. Members may also produce their own web page that is certainly in a way their very own site with any desirable content material that they select to put up, whether it be audio tracks, article writing, and or online video.

Another amazing function for users is that they can also add unique applications for example video games, video conversation, online business, plus much more on to their own web page to ensure that anybody going to their own web page can not only discover more about a selected fellow member, but also amuse themselves with these applications. New Age Hmong additionally has month-to-month competitions along with campaigns of it’s users that have got a unique expertise. For example, if you are an ambitious music artist, you are able to publish your expertise video and when it’s the winner for the competition, you’ll obtain 1 month totally free publicity on the front and homepage of New Age Hmong. That is amazing! New Age Hmong is another site for business owners to display their own investment portfolios. Members can easily publish their own portfolios on their own webpages and formulate a following of admirers of their occupation.

So as you can tell, not only is New Age Hmong an internet site for social networking, it’s also for small business networking. As stated previously, most if not all, Hmong social media websites provide two primary capabilities: forum and chat. New Age Hmong has video chat features, conventional chat, message discussion board, status changes ( what you really are doing at this time), upload/manage files, and just a lot more! It will surely transform the social media experiences.

Celine M. Lee has a B.A. in Psychology and is on a quest to inspire Hmong community people by assisting them recognize their own real life possibilities. Not only is she the actual Chief executive officer of New Age Hmong, she is also a loving mother to two kids and a compassionate spouse. You could be a component of the Initiative by using New Age Hmong by Clicking Here!

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Applying "Good, Better, Best" to Christmas Break

“We have to forego some good things in order to choose others that are better or best because they develop faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and strengthen our families.”

-Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Christmas break has come and with that brings many things, but most of all it brings: our children being around when they are otherwise absent and the preparations for Christmas (Christmas dinner, presents, neighbor gifts, guests, etc.). We have all of these things condensed into a few days and even though we have been working to get the preparations finished we know there are last minutes things that fill up each and every day.

I find myself thinking that it is all right to focus on the Christmas preparations because it is for my child. They will be happy when Christmas morning rolls around and I completed all I set out to do.

Consider, though how good Christmas preparations and gifts can be, but how great memories are. Take some time to reconsider what has to be done and when. Can that gift wrapping wait until your little ones are sleeping so that you can go play in the snow together? Can the cookies be baked as a family after dinner instead of having your kids entertain themselves so you can “just get them done”? Can a note be written to a neighbor that expresses kindness rather than a gift that has to be made so you can spend more time with your children and less time baking, crafting, wrapping, etcetera?

I speak of Christmas because that is the pressing event, but bringing this to your life each day – thinking in terms of good, better, and best always will bring a richness, fulfillment and peace to our lives. I don’t believe this peace can come if we find things to busy ourselves that are good but ignore the best blessing we have been given – our children.

Each and every day I find things I “have to do” that are often really wants. I make myself busier than I need to be, or in hopes of saving time I do things alone rather than with my child that might be fun and/or a learning experience for them if I would just take the time.

Besides the benefit for our children of us focusing more on the best activities and duties, we will find a great benefit for ourselves. I am never more lighthearted and happy than when I have spent an hour just playing in my child’s room with them. I feel rejuvenated after running around outside and getting fresh air. I feel immeasurable joy when I hear that little baby laugh that can be so hard to coax out.

Consider this Christmas time as an opportunity to really challenge yourself to choose the best each day over the good. It is not a question of being wrong when we choose the good but it is a question of joy, quality time, and memories when we choose the best – when we choose our children.

Do you find it difficult to let go of the good in favor of the best? Why do you think it can be so difficult to do this?

By Brooke

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Understanding Why Your Child May Be Impatient

Have you ever asked your child to wait? Especially for something exciting, like their birthday, a visit from friends or family, or an activity. What is their usual reaction when you ask them to wait? Probably negatively.? Have you ever wondered why this may be?

The best thing to do is to try and consider what it is like being in your child’s shoes.? This way you will have an idea about what your child is feeling and thinking. So that you can answer the question “what does your child think when you tell them to wait?”

Let’s do some math, so that we can try and figure out what your child is going through when you ask them to wait. Let’s assume you are 30, and your child is two.

If your child is two, they are (for simplicities sake) 730 days old. Or even 17520 hours old. What does it mean to them when you ask them to wait until tonight, or tomorrow, or next week.

Asking them to wait 2 hours is 0.00011 of their life.

Asking them to wait 12 hours is 0.00068 of their life.

Asking them to wait 1 day is 0.00137 of their life.

Asking them to wait 1 week is 0.00959 of their life.

That doesn’t seem like a lot, none are even a full 1% of their life.? But your child is two, and they are perceiving this world through their two year old eyes, and their two year old life.

So lets understand what your child interprets those wait times into some sort of meaning by putting you, the parent, it their shoes.

Again, lets assume you are 30 years old, or 10950 days old.

So when you ask them to wait 2 hours, it is like asking you to wait 1 day.

When you ask your child to wait 12 hours, it is like asking you to wait 7.5 days.

When you ask your child to wait one day, it is like you waiting 15 days.

Lastly, when you ask your child to wait a week, it is like you waiting 105 days, about 15 weeks, or 3.5 months.

Are you patient when you are told to wait 1 day, 7 days, 15 days, or 105 days? Especially when it is something you are looking forward to. Probably not, because those are long waiting periods for us as adults!?

When we see the world through our eyes and ask our child to wait 12 hours, it is a short time period for us, but not for them. Remember 2 hours of waiting for them is 1 day of waiting for us, 12 hours is 7.5 days, 1 day is 15 days, and 1 week is 3.5 months.

Hopefully now you will have a little understanding of why your child may be so impatient and frustrated when you ask them to wait for something important to them, it is a long time in their little life.

Written by:

Josh Lockhart Locking Hearts Together

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Divorce and Child Well-Being: What Research Tells Us

Probably one of the most commonly asked questions of child development and family studies researchers is, "What is the effect of divorce on kids?" This is a topic that hits home for many of us. If your family hasn't experienced divorce, you probably know someone in your extended family or friends that has experienced it. Luckily, there has been a growing body of research addressing this issue over the past 30-40 years. We have learned a lot, but as with most research of this kind, the answers are not clear cut. Here's a little of what we know:

  • It doesn’t mean that if you (or your children) experienced divorce, you (or they) will inevitably have adjustment problems (findings do not generalize to the individual level)
  • It doesn’t mean that divorce is inconsequential for children
  • It does mean that although the majority of children of divorce will not experience adjustment problems, they are at higher risk for doing so

So, now that we know there is a connection between divorce and children being at greater risk for adjustment problems, the question is, "Why is there this connection?" Is the conflict between the parents that often precedes divorce the source of the problem for kids? Or is it the act of divorce itself; that is, the physical separation of the family?

Fortunately two well-known researchers addressed this topic in a research article several years ago. They analyzed many different studies of the effects of divorce on children and compiled the findings into one article.

These authors focused on three main theoretical explanations for why there is a link between divorce and children's adjustment problems:

1. Parental absence. After divorce, contact with non-custodial parent often lessens. Additionally, the custodial parent has less time/energy due to labor force participation.

  • As a result, children may receive less monitoring, attention, and help and this, in turn, may lead to academic problems, low-self-esteem, misbehavior

2. Economic disadvantage. Divorce typically leads to decline in standard of living because mothers are more likely to get custody and women many times make less money than men. Additionally many families go from two incomes prior to divorce to just one income after divorce.

  • Lack of economic resources may lead to poorer nutrition, health, less effective schools, fewer lessons, educational toys, etc.

3. Family conflict. Stress and conflict that coexist with divorce create a less than optimal environment for children; stress makes parents less effective in dealing with children.

  • Divorce affects kids not because of structure change but because of accompanying conflict—stress affects parenting and kids may be drawn into conflict

The overall findings of the study included:

  • Children of divorce do experience lower levels of well-being than children of intact families, however, the differences aren't huge
  • Very few differences by sex of the child
  • Largest differences between families seen in elementary and high school age children

I won't go into all the evidence for each of the three theories, but the study showed most support for theory #3 Family Conflict.

  • First, children in high-conflict intact families exhibited worse well-being than those in low-conflict intact families.
  • Second, and most importantly, children in high-conflict intact families also exhibited worse well-being than those in divorced families

Thus, it seems most likely that the conflict between parents (that often accompanies divorce) is what has the most impact on children's well-being, not the physical act of the divorce.

What does this mean?

  • If divorce would diminish family conflict and positive parenting can be maintained, children from divorced families will likely be well-adjusted
  • It seems the key, as is the case with many family changes, is for parents to maintain positive interactions with their children. This is often difficult in divorce as the stress of the situation makes parents more likely to be short-tempered and edgy. If positive parenting can be prioritized, however, children from divorced families can fare well.

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Bags – Just What A Person Needs To Acknowledge Relating to Bags

When a woman changes handbags the first thing she does is grab the bags out of the first one and put it in the second. It’s important that a bags be roomy, compact, versatile and organized. Fortunately there are many types of women’s bags and each woman can choose the ones that will work best for her and her lifestyle. Or if you’re thinking about a gift for your mom, sister, significant other or even a friend, consider their personality before making your selection.

The first thing that you will want to take into consideration when you are shopping for a Chanel bags is the size of the bags. The best way for you to get the right size bags that you need is to consider the things that you want to put in your bags. Think about what all you need to carry around with you, and you are sure to get the bags that is the perfect size for you. You will not want a bags that is too large or too small. Taking this into consideration will save you from buying a bags that you can not fill up, or a bags that you have too much stuff for.

When you buy a bags check for the material used in the construction of the bags. You can find all kinds of leather and faux pa leather products. Just because something is leather, doesn’t mean it is the best on the market. Ask yourself this: what kind of leather is it? There is lambskin, rawhide, ostrich leather, alligator leather, and that is just to start with critters that popular leather can be made from. You want an all-natural leather. Try to stay away from leathers that have been poured and cut from a single roll.

Women tend to be more invested in the shopping experience while shopping for bags on many dimensions whereas men need to go to Sears, obtain a specific class of bags they are looking for and get out.

For men branded bags are either a flip bags or a tri fold bags. It’s the same for men as it is for women when it comes to what is carried. Usually the flip bags is for bills, some sort of identification and a few pictures. A tri fold bags is for bills, identification, pictures and credit cards. Finding branded bags is usually in name stores that carry name brands and on the internet in special stores.

Men leather bags are easy to maintain as they can be cleaned easily, and the nature of leather is such that dirt does not remain on the surface for long, thus making it easier to keep your bags as good as new for many years to come. There are a variety of colors in which these are available, and you can choose a dark color if you are planning on using it extensively. A light colored bags might be perfect for formal meetings and gatherings.

In case of men when it comes to shopping, especially shopping for bags it is a quite contrary experience. Shopping is like a mission to them. At first men have this predetermined concept of what kind of a bags they demand, so when they are out shopping, they understand what they are specifically looking for. As soon as they get hold of the kind of bags they are looking for, they purchase it promptly and quickly flee from the store.

By purchasing wholesale men’s bags online, you can find the best available deals in the market. The websites that offer online purchase of wholesale bags have a lot of different products in many styles and materials such as leather and nylon. There are many colors and styles also available, so that you can look at the pictures of the products and choose the ones of your own choice.

The trifold bags come in a variety of styles, but the one currently making its way to stardom is the Outside Pass case Window Trifold. With a handsome styling any man would be proud to carry, it comes with several credit card slots and a bill section as well. It even has an inside and outside pass case window as well as plastic bags insert. And who doesn’t have tons of keys this days? This is the perfect bags for guys with lots of keys for it also contains a double key holder. Last but not the least, having dimensions of four inches by three inches, it will surely fit conveniently in any back pocket.

These bags, which are by the way made of rich cowhide leather, come in exquisite colors of tan, black, and brown. Soft and luxurious but at the same time tough, these trifolds indeed have what men are looking for in a bags.

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Blackberry Torch – Just What You Really Would Need To Aware Of Relating to Blackberry Torch

Surfing by way of the web is done with the complete HTML web browser that is included. Instant messaging applications programmes are also in copiousness like MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger to credit a several. Other than the common support for text and multimedia electronic messaging, this mobile system supports as much as ten e-mail accounts. Relish in an assortment of connectivity alternatives which runs from GPRS Class 10, HSCSD, EDGE Class ten, WLAN, Wi-Fi 802, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP to USB (microUSB).

The cellphone is only 13 mm thick and the measurement is 109 x 60 mm wide. This slim line cellphone weight just about 106 g and this lightweight model is can easily fit within the grasp of the fingers. The TFT display screen is 2.6 inch wide and there are 65,000 color displays. You will have greater clarity of images and the color looks just like the real picture. It’s difficult to distinguish between the original and the representation. The phone involves the full QWERTY keyboard and you can easily use it for data entry. The additional track pad will allow the user to navigate the method carefully.

Talking about the various stunning features of this device, you find that this BlackBerry 9300 Gemini contract deals are promising that it will have the larger screen than BlackBerry 8900 and will provide higher resolution. This will be a silver colored cellular handset. The stylish gadget will be a very light weighted gadget with only 3.9 ounces. Also it will have the dimensions of 2.4 x 4.3 x 0.5 inches. The keyboard will be a little rounded that enhances the styling. All these features will be of the latest technology and the users will be satisfied very a lot after having this amazing handset.

If you want you can record and simply playback the video at QVGA. This lovely creation is nicknamed as Gemini. The name represents the collaboration of RIM and T mobile. As far as connectivity is concerned the 62 Curve is matchless. With an 62 mobile phone, you will have the high speed connectivity as available with Internet connection. Now you can not only ship, but also get mails and deliver messages to all the social networking systems.

Needless to mention, latest cellular cell phone implies even far more features, add-ons and lower prices than what was earlier.

A Blackberry handheld allows users to fulfill their need of communication but also give them the feeling of control that a mobile phone conversation doesn’t offer. A lot more and a lot more professionals often work in mobility situation and need to permanently be connected to computing process of the company.

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 has been launched. Gemini is the coded name of BlackBerry 8520. Its cost is very low as compared to other BlackBerry cell phones so it was a new encounter for both business and consumers. I have used this telephone; in my opinion it’s a nice cellphone.

The professional Blackberry is a “all in one” terminal, phone/PDA/messaging, which design is optimized to allow users to manage emails around the go and to access various applications. The original BlackBerry system had a monochrome display, but all current handsets have color displays.

The 2 megapixel photographic camera deals with the job of obtaining hi-res pictures around the Curve 8520. Catching or capturing video recordings is also one of the features that makes this cellular system remarkable.

Blackberry is used by almost 3 million users in America. Some sources say about 1 million government employees are regular users. Canada is another one of the key market of the company.

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Book Review: The Church of Jezebel by Derik R. Girdwood

Derik R. Girdwood’s The Church of Jezebel, Hijacking the Gospel is a Christian fiction
novel depicting the dark side of churches-hidden beneath a thrilling mystery novel. The
purpose of this work, other than to superbly entertain, is to unveil the false doctrines that
various churches and televangelists use to reel in na?ve believers.

The Church of Jezebel weaves a fictional mystery amidst the concepts of the Christian
faith, and not only exposes false doctrines, but also enlightens readers through scriptures
from the Bible. The main character of the story is Christina, an eighteen-year-old who
is excited about being admitted to Bible college. Although she is easily awed by the
power of the dynamic speeches and doctrinal messages, there is unmistakably a sense
of foreboding from the beginning of the book. This apprehension is best depicted in the
passage, “I’ve read some people don’t like him, and that he’s been criticized by some
books and especially on the Internet.”

The antagonistic figures in this novel are Pastor Smith, who is only concerned about
bringing a cash flow-at all costs-into the church, and the church prophet, whose
lectures are more sinister and spine chilling than they are Christian.

Alarms should be sounding at certain passages right from the beginning. For example,
when Christina states, “The church prophet uses a lot of big words that most people
don’t understand, and sometimes he speaks in tongues that no one understands but the
Holy Spirit, but it was about a return to righteousness.” The church prophet is using lofty
language, perhaps intentionally, so that no one can understand as he misconstrues the true
meaning of the scriptures for his own benefit.

The plot offers much intrigue when Christina’s pregnant roommate, Becky, allegedly
commits suicide. Ironically, Becky is impregnated by the pastor’s son, Mark, who is also
a freshman. The school is thrown into mayhem when, layer after layer the truth unfolds,
and one by one, events indicate that Becky did not commit suicide, but was murdered.
Coincidentally, or perhaps for the sake of convenience, the brunt of the blame is laid on

The suspense builds as the truth comes out, and there “might be evidence of some type of
cult at work, maybe satanic, or something similar to voodoo or Santeria.” From here on
out, it’s a roller coaster ride for Christina, who hits an emotional low that all but destroys

Ultimately, Detective Preston’s relentless efforts to uncover the details behind the murder
lead to the unearthing of a church scandal that goes beyond the realm of imagination,
with captivating elements such as drug-dealing, murder, and the Santeria drug cartel.

With its fast pace and bold content, The Church of Jezebel, Hijacking the Gospel is
reminiscent of the famous Dan Brown novel, Angels and Demons. Overall, this is a must-
read book with intriguing possibilities regarding the state of churches and false doctrines.

To learn more about this author, visit The Church of Jezebel. Also, stop by where you can find out all about writing a book and what they can do for you.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

How you can boost your vehicle with great car amps

The one thing that will define your vehicle as well as the sound system that you have in there is your car amps. People will see the amp in your car first before noticing anything else should they take a glance inside. The amp is the amplifier of the sound system. Without this your music system will not work.

To receive great signal on your system you need to have car amps. When they talk about the signal, they are simply talking about the amount of voltage or even current that your sound system receives. Configurations for amps come in three different sizes. The first channel is the mono channel, then the two-channel one and lastly the multi channel.

Depending on the type of configuration, that you choose the signal strength of your music system will differ. Nobody can say that there is no type of music, he or she does not enjoy. If music is, the one thing in life that you truly enjoy you will have the best time with amps in the vehicle you drive. The type of music experience that you will receive is completely from another world.

Through parties or difficult times in your life, it is nice to listen to very loud music at times. When purchasing a new amp, you should not think twice about your decision. Different amp configurations are the one thing that should be on your mind when thinking about purchasing one. The internet is the perfect place to look for amps.

Read testimonials and compare prices by shopping online for car amps. Here you will get something to suit your car and your wallet. Doubting this is out of question.

Check out the best car amps and see the awesome car amplifier reviews

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Top 10 Web Hosting ReviewsWeb Hosting Comparison Chart- Distinguishing The Bright Side And Dark Side.

You would also be aware of what it does. This service provides internet space depending on the size, time period and price you are willing to pay There are many different types of web hosting and their packages differ from one to another As there are many different web hosting types, the offers they give also are as varied in nature Those fees could be starting from thousands to lac

Web hosting business is vast these days and you can at times find commencing with wrong firm While making a decision for your website m the web hosting that you select can make all the difference to your business Web hosting reviews contains important information revealing all pros and cons and make your decision easier for choosing one

Internet will fetch you lots of reviews and you might get confused about which one is genuine and gives accurate evaluation All you have to do is to look for any ten web hosting reviews, in any search engine and you will get results as you want. Such companies that appear on almost all lists will have better and genuine credibility Jotting them down will narrow your search as this would confirm you that these companies are well-regarded for their work Besides these there are many other features that web hosting reviews are based on . Every individual company that is listed ,is assessed in various categories as mentioned above , and for each classification they are ranked appropriately . In review list the companies’ names are posted from top scrolling to bottom one which is rated tenth This will also help you to realize how good a web hosting company is and what best features they provide . If you’re looking for more in specific category than I suggest you must take a glance at the review list

Both web hosting reviews and comparing them, at the same time are important. Web hosting comparison is anything but a headache , you have to believe in this . What’s important is that you should do your homework thoroughly Although it’s a nerve-wracking task on zeroing down to one, this is the real reason behind why web hosting comparison is necessary it will help people to know which is better than another Web hosting comparison is a trusting source to help you to target onlookers Many web companies would promise all the above , but when it comes to reality , you will experience it as a bunch of lies. You will have to be very careful of these happenings as those are nothing but double cross While reviewing web hosting comparison chart see the prices carefully, do not opt for too low pricing eventually you will land up with lowly technical support Always compare services by various companies , so that you may be able to understand the varied services offered by web hosting companies . Are there any hidden costs which are sidelined? Once you look into all the above details and important points, you will be able to find for yourself a quality webhosting service provider

Also gather more details on Top 10 Web Hosting Reviews and Web Hosting Comparison Chart.

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Teaching Our Children About Christmas Through Music

We’ve all considered or put on our own special Christmas Eve program. There have been baby dolls swaddled in blankets, ?children fighting over who gets to be the angel or who has to use the pink towel for their shepherd’s costume, and we’ve even decided to avoid the drama and merely read the kids the Christmas Story from the Bible while they all drift off to the Land of Nod.

But…What if you did something different – shook things up a little and got the kids really involved?

Adding music is a wonderful way to capture your children’s attention and make sure everyone can be involved – everyone can sing a Christmas carol. Discussing and interpreting the biblical text is also a wonderful way to help them really get something from the tradition.

An example of a Christmas program could be:

-Sing “O Little Town of Bethlehem” when you discuss Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem

-Sing “Away in a Manger” when you read about Jesus being born

-And then sing “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” when you talk about how special it is that Christ was born and how important it was that he was born so humbly

-Sing “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks” when you talk about the shepherds being told by the angels that Christ was born

-Sing “With Wondering Awe” when you tell your children about the three wise men who came to visit Christ

Finish your special musical Christmas program as follows:

-Sing “O Come All Ye Faithful” and then talk about how we can all come to Christ and still follow the star by following His teachings

-And then sing “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” and talk about the true meaning of Christmas.

-Sing your children’s favorite Christmas hymns – even if you sung them during the story.

If there are other songs you enjoy that help tell of the Christmas story, make sure to include them! A couple favorites that would be wonderful in the story are: “We Three Kings” and “The Friendly Beasts”. Make sure you sing songs your family loves because it will personalize it and help it hit home for your children.

Do your best to make sure you don’t just read the story, but explain it and teach the principles the story holds. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring a loving spirit to your home on the holiest night of the year.

Have you ever done a Christmas program with your children? What have you done to help tell your children the Christmas story?

Hymns can be viewed here


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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Everything You Should Know About Easy Forex Trading

A currency that is current in a particular country for buying and selling of products and services cannot be used to buy or sell at a foreign country because in the foreign centre the currency is different. Hence the need for Foreign Exchange. (Forex). For buying the necessities of life, Now in India rupee is the currency. With this Rupee on hand you cannot pay for imports from USA where $ is the currency and the US exporter will not accept Indian Rupee. Hence you have to make payment only in $ terms acceptable to the US seller. Like a commodity, an Indian importer purchases $ currency and pay for imports. This is the way in which an Indian Rupee is purchased by an US importer and pay for the Indian importer.

How the payments are made?

The Central Bank of the country are the authority to sell and buy foreign currency known as Foreign Exchange (FOREX). These are done through the authorized Foreign Exchange dealer Bank both Government and private banks in all countries of the world.

How commodity is traded online

Its our choice in case of Share business, we buy the capital stock of companies, hold it for some time and sell it when the prices go up.Depending upon the market trend and earn a profit, we buy Foreign Exchange in Forex trading of our choice.Wrong decisions take at the time of buying or selling of shares results in loss. In Forex trading, same is applicable.

Who can trade?

The choice of business was once considered of big business houses.Now with the advent of internet, trading in foreign currency can be done with a minimum investment say $100. By paying your country’s currency to the Central Bank of the country through the authorized Forex dealer bank, you can create your Trading account online by paying $100.In consultation with expert advisers on finance engaged in the field you can sell and buy Forex or on your own you can trade. You have the option to buy or sell depending upon the market trend and decide the buying or selling, every day the Forex prices i.e. selling and buying rate are quoted in the internet, newspapers etc. Individuals do online trading as a retail business like share investments.

Good understanding about the procedures, analytical ability to assess the finance and international trade and commerce is easy to transact. It requires also some experience.

Know more about easy-forex and online forex.

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The Influences of Music on Child Development: Beyond the Mozart Effect

You’ve probably heard that listening to music, specifically Mozart’s music, makes young children smarter. Obviously, this statement isn’t quite on-target, but there might be some substance to the idea that music positively affects children’s brain development. Two recent research studies on the topic of music in child development give us some helpful information that spans the spectrum of professional thought on the subject. So even though that “Young Mozart” CD won’t make your child more intelligent, you might want to hang onto it for other reasons.

In a study conducted by psychologists at Canadian and Japanese universities, two experiments showed that the effects of music on “intelligence” are really due to individuals’ emotional reactions. Mood and arousal, the two components of emotion, are directly influenced by music – rhythm and other factors determine the degree of arousal, or engagement, as well as the positive or negative quality of a person’s mood. For example, the first experiment with adults showed that the auditory stimulus of hearing a story had the same positive impact on an IQ subtest as listening to classical music (Mozart and Albinoni). The subjects were similarly affected by both music and stories, implying that a heightened level of engagement and elevated mood were the factors behind their increased cognitive ability.

The second experiment in this study analyzed 5-year-old Japanese children’s drawing abilities for temporal length of engagement, creativity, energy, and technical proficiency, comparing children who listened to Mozart and Albinoni to a different group that listened to children’s songs. The group that heard children’s songs was judged to be superior in drawing ability, demonstrating that engagement and mood were the determining factors in drawing success.

Depending on your child’s age, he or she may be more responsive to a positive stimulus that’s more similar to children’s songs or stories than classical music. However, any music with an upbeat rhythm and major tonality tends to elevate mood and aid concentration.

Musical Training and Neuroplasticity

This study showed that after fifteen months of training on a musical instrument, children’s neuroplasticity increased significantly. In other words, musical training positively affected their brains’ ability to adapt to environmental conditions and stimuli. Specifically, these children’s motor abilities and auditory melodic and rhythmic discrimination skills improved noticeably as compared to those of children who did not receive musical instruction. The researchers who conducted the study judged that early musical training could effectively predict adult expertise – and not just in music. By increasing the brain’s plasticity at a young age, it was found that the brain could more readily adapt to changes throughout life, enabling trained individuals to develop expertise.

According to this study, it’s not enough to simply have your child listen to music. Interactive lessons are necessary to obtain increased neuroplasticity; however, having your child listen to upbeat music may improve cognitive ability. With a combination of both, you’ll be sure to give your child the best intellectual opportunities and encourage healthy development.


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What is the best method to earn risidual income?

You can try this for FREE!!! Earn money online without spending any money


In late Summer 2006, Vooka Technology will release the much anticipated Silver Box Solution. The Silver Box is an early glimpse at the robust next-generation, web-based software solution that supercharges the typical home or small office computer and creates a new, secure, and profitable internet experience. The internet has not been like this before!

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If you can refer just two friends, you may be on your way to creating a one of a kind web-based business with the kind of income most people only dream about!

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* The matrix is a 2X20 and qualification is simple. sponsor 2 and qualify for 12 levels, 5 and qualify for 15 levels, 10 and qualify for all 20 levels.

* Matrix and payout on website is for basic product. More products and upgrades of existing products can generate further residual income.

* Company is stable and debt free and NOT a startup.

* levels. (No promises or guarantees of course)

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PS – After you position for free refer your friends and people you know, so the next person can join.

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Recent Advancements In Automated Forex Trading

Advanced technology leads to the forex trading convenient using computer commands programmed by humans, similar to a Robot functions for human commands. Under this, certain instructions are given through the software and upgraded in the forex account and certain decisions are also left to the software to respond to the changes in the international forex trade. The way the programme executes your instructions need not be checked. Negative results will be produced because of wrong decision making powers given to the software. The online supporters take care of the requirements of the forex trading individuals or companies. This system supports you round the clock. New entrants till they could grasp the methodology of forex operation can rely on the automated operations for ease and comfort. New users can rely on the automated operations for ease and comfort until they get along with the new methodology of forex operations. Automated operations could be relied on for ease and comfort until new users could grasp the methodology of forex operation.Though the system takes care of the operations, checking by the individuals the results with deeper understanding is a must. Only the trader should take the major decisions and give commands to the system.

In choosing the brokers to help you, the system’s suggestions automatically can be utilized well to save time which is a sensitive one. You will loose the opportunity to earn good profit by delayed decisions caused due to time wasted on petty matters.

The system is facilitated with demonstration like training with dummy account to hand the operations. Minimum risk with minimum guaranteed return on your investment could be taken when you see your results.

Compared to the past few years’ trading in foreign exchange, today it has become flexible with lot of options and more number of people with confidence are entering the forex trading and earn a reasonable profit. Of course less investment less risk and huge investment, more risk is the basic point to be understood by the investor. The capacity of the individual and his financial status is all on what this depends on.

The information on the full picture of the trading in the internet is very transparent. The basic information is launched in the internet and the dealers / investors have to analyse the market with the past performance indicators and the law of economics and finance has to be applied at each step of decision to buy or sell. More or less it is like share market operations or gold market operations where full understanding of the commodity and flow of money in the market at global level.

Some websites are good dealers themselves spreading the benefit of trading globally so that over a period of time the investors get a good deal of money. In the internet world these people are supporters, dealers or traders.

Forex trading is an inherently risky enterprise, so some research is required before opening a trading account and depositing, but the rewards and excitement are unmatched. Take a tour of this site, do some independent research and then sign up for a demo account. It will be a risk free start of your Forex trading education.

Find more info on fxyard online forex trading and automated forex.

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Drop side cribs banned

Do you own a drop side crib? This week the Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously to ban drop side cribs. More than 30 children have died since 2000 because of drop side cribs. There have been dozens of recalls due to faulty or cheap hardware and now they will no longer be manufactured or sold.?

While this is a small part of infant deaths, it is sad because they are preventable deaths. The parents of these children thought they were being safe and the crib malfunctioned and their child died.?


We have a drop side crib, but it is currently in its toddler bed form and I guess now it will stay that way instead of going back to crib format.?


If you own a drop side crib, will you be throwing it out and getting a new crib?? What are your thoughts about this change in infant sleep practices? How does it affect you?

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some Guidelines About Search engine optimization

Seo is a superb tool of writing. It not simply increases your content material attraction to people but, also increases the traffic to your site. Nonetheless, there are lots of guidelines for Seo writings. Now let me talk concerning the Seo writing to people who may perhaps be new to this writing tool or haven’t a lot understanding of this concept. Search engine optimization stands for Search engine optimization. The fundamental objective for this technique is to make your content material a lot more appealing to visitors and your web-site also. Various people today think it really is uncomplicated to do, although it calls for a few rules as a way to use Seo guideline successfully.

Initial of all write a great content material. If folks take into account that your content material will not be intriguing then, your effort to Seo might be lost. Lots of providers hire primarily ghostwriters to provide eye content for your Web page attracts reader to check them out. However, the content material is not sufficient. You’ve got to post them into different article directories. Content material should be impressive.

Keyword is an integral part of Seo article writing guidelines. Suppose, there’s an post about carpet cleaning then there really should be beneficial density of carpet cleaning. There’s straightforward strategy for calculating the density of the keyword.

Keyword density = (keyword count) * 100 /(total word count)
Density of carpet cleaning = 15*100/500 = 3%

So, in case you have an organization of carpet cleaning then, your content material which has keyword like carpet cleaning will bring additional traffic to your web-site. Your content material will probably be searched by the search engine due to the keyword carpet cleaning. But maintain in mind that your post should not contain many keywords or too little. Thus, hold in mind that your Search engine optimization writing must make sense. It ought to be relevant to the subject. One of the wonderful suggestions for you personally that 2% of keyword density is excellent for the articles or blogs for distinct article directories. Because of the many directories won’t accept the content that has density additional than 4%. Also, it did not make sense.

It is best to be original and your content material too. It can be the standard rule of Seo writing. In case you write superior and fresh facts within your content then it’ll attract much more persons to your web-site. Also, in case you write content material with similar keywords; search engine is not going to search your web-page in 1st page. It is going to appear on the original as opposed to you.

Produce some no cost hosting pages and blogs on other web site URLs. Should you can afford; you need to have not less than 17 websites on distinct servers. Bear in mind, that your web sites should be updated to get top search engine raking. Ordinarily websites get search engine top quality as they become older. For this reason, it can be often ideal to think about; personal quite a few websites and place your concentration to obtain 5 back links per high engine hitter initial. You have to study the Google Analytic stats to analyze your work. You should try to sustain a minimum of 50 websites by hiring an added web masters. It is possible to make quite a few of them no cost which includes blogs, spaces, forum, and groups.

Understand the real way to be millionaire with Magic Bullet System and become enlightened to how you’ll be able to earn money with this Powerful Automated System. Visit Magic Bullet System Review Now!

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How to Build a WordPress Ecommerce Webpage Store

WordPress is widely held as a single of the easiest techniques to obtain your presence onto the web. You can have your individual hosting out there, so that you choose the name of one’s website, or you’ll be able to have WordPress in fact host everything for you, at no cost.

Since WordPress is so widely utilised, loads of people pick to make use of it with their business enterprise web-sites. Business enterprise websites are these that are representing an organization, or promoting items in some way.

Should you do want to engage in WordPress eCommerce, then it’s feasible. Originally, WordPress was strictly a blogging platform and was only utilized for little sites. Given that then, people have embraced the platform. This has result in lots of, lots of developers writing pieces of software called Plugins.

Plugins give you the ability to add certain functionality to your WordPress web-site. When you can feel of it, there is a good probability that a Plugin exists for it. Along with this option, there is a huge and wholesome market that deals in WordPress Themes. A Theme is the layout of the web page – with particular colors and often pictures also. This is often known as the ‘framework’ of the web-site.

For the purposes of this article, we will be looking at WordPress eCommerce Plugins, and some eCommerce Themes.

1: WP e-Commerce ( Wp e-Commerce can be a Plugin that has been around for some time. This indicates that it has been thorough;y tested by users and had lots of bugs and problems fixed. Shopping distinct templates are essentially included, so there is no should invest any far more than you definitely have to. Features include things like the capacity to sell physical and digital items, have automatic stock control and effortless adding of product pictures. There’s a fully function user assistance forum at the organizations web sites and obtaining the Plugin gives you the benefit of free upgrades for a specific amount of time.

2: PHPurchase ( PHPurchase is one more paid for WordPress Ecommerce Plugin. It functions a really powerful order fulfillment method, and includes possibilities like automated payment plans and membership options. The website has a lot of critiques from past consumers – all positive.

3: YAK for WordPress ( This can be a totally featured WordPress eCommerce Plugin that is essentially cost-free. Not a cent needs to be paid to be able to get this Plugin. It functions all of the usual choices that make life a lot easier when selling items or services (stock control, effortless adding of products), and there is a really active community. What you won’t get, is product support with this Plugin. Since it truly is free of charge, there’s no company to give advice really should anything wrong happen. Also, features and updates might be a bit slower in becoming added, for the reason that the developer is doing it for the adore of generating the Plugin!

Now to have a look at some of the most effective WordPress eCommerce Themes:

1: ecommerce themes ( This can be a paid for theme that has been optimized for search engines. This implies that search traffic has much more of an opportunity of discovering your web page. There’s fairly a large community of users who use this Theme.

2: Store ( Store is a Theme that does what it says on the tin! It has lots of front end and back end functions, and is completely customizable in the way that goods and services are displayed.

3:eShop ( is another Plugin distributed from the same company as above, but having a different really feel to it. In case you have ever admired the Apple interface, then this Theme will do you proud. Apart from the various look, the features list remains the same. Built in item support and inventory tracking are all standard.

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You can check out the latest e-commerce course at the The Blueprint Project reviews website and keep up to date. You can check out how to run your own e-commerce store at the The Blueprint Project Bonus website and keep up to date.

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Learn How To Do Indian Railways Reservation Online

Indian railways reservation is possible online and the method is quite easy. The process of online tickets booking for the railways made travel in India comparatively simpler and less time intensive. There is no need to queue outside the railway ticket reserving counters and wait for hours. You don’t have to keep requesting the employees to give your whole family seats combined or in the same compartment.

The process of Indian railways reservation online includes logging on to the official website of the Indian railways. You may register by giving your email id and other appropriate contact details. Once you log in from your ID, you can stop by the book tickets option. You have to input the name of the city from where you wish to travel as well as your destination city. The names of the stations are listed in codes like HOWRAH JN for Kolkata and NDLS for New Delhi. These details are available online.

After entering these details you can as well give the train code or search for provided trains that follow this way, they too have assigned numbers and codes such as the stations. The Indian railways reservation has alternatives for various accommodation types like berths, seats and even chair cars. Apart from this the different coach classes consist of First class Air-Conditioned, AC 2-tier sleeper, First class Non AC, AC 3 Tier, 3 E Tiers or economy, AC chair Car, regular Sleeper Class and Second class seated. Once you complete all these details the website for the Indian railways reservation will ask for your journey dates.

If seats are presented on the provided dates then you will be requested to go forward with the booking on the train of your selection. An Indian railways PNR status will be allocated to you once youspend on the online ticket. You can get the option of selecting an e-ticket or I-ticket. A copy of this ticket will be mailed to your email. Hold a hard copy of this ticket with your during the trip as it is checked by the TT or ticket checker.

The Indian railways PNR status may also enable you keep a tab of the modify or schedules or time of departure. If you don’t receive a confirmed reservation or are in the waiting list, then the Indian railways PNR status allow you to see if your reservation is confirmed, as per your booking dates.

Take advantage of of the benefits provided by online Indian railways reservation. It helps you save time and makes the procedure less tedious. With the Indian railway PNR status it is possible to keep a tab of your waiting or RSC tickets.

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The Music In Me: Musical Talent and Teens

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by Linda Shaw?

The Music in Me:? Musical Talent and Teens

Recently we had guests over for dinner and afterwards our son performed several piano pieces for them. (His favorite composer is Vince Guaraldi) Before it was over our guests were playing the infectious duet “Heart and Soul” with him and we were laughing and enjoying one another immensely.

Musical appreciation enriches our lives. ?So many children and well-intentioned parents start their children with music lessons, but very few follow through to their teen years and beyond. I often hear young adults lament, ?“I wish I had kept with my music lessons.”

So how do parents help develop their child’s musical talents? How do you keep teen that insists on quitting or not practicing, focused?

You might start by building your resolve through realizing the many benefits of musical education.

What are some of the benefits of musical training? Research has shown that Music Lessons can:?

  • ·????? Help develop the brain in the areas of language and reasoning.
  • ·????? Help students develop creativity and problem solving skills
  • ·????? Improves SAT scores
  • ·????? Help develop cultural compassion and empathy
  • ·????? Improve a students quality of excellence and craftsmanship
  • ·????? Teach the benefits of sustained effort and the benefits of hard work
  • ·????? Help develop self-expression and increase self-esteem.
  • ·????? Help develop teamwork skills and discipline.
  • ·????? Help students conquer their fears and take risks
  • ·????? Teach children how to perform well in a workplace environment.
  • ·????? Prepare students with a life-marketable skill

?? ? ??

So with all these benefits, why can it be difficult to help your child realize their full potential? Over the past thirty years my husband and I have attended a few concerts. All but one of our "grown"children chose to keep music in their lives through high school, of those four all have either minimally continued their music education in college or have used their experience to supplement their incomes.?

How do you keep your teen in tune?

  • ·????? Resolve - Expect that when they hit eleven or twelve, they are going to become defensive about how they spend their “free time.” Build your resolve to not give in. Your child at this age is too young to really know what they want? Insist they keep with it. They will thank you later.?
  • ·????? Routine - Insist they make time for practice in the form of a daily routine. Our children practiced before school. It made for early mornings, but we enjoyed their early morning focus and they enjoyed the ability to relax after school. ( I took this idea from Linda and Richard Eyre's book Teaching Children Responsibility)??
  • ·????? Resource - Network. Network. Network. Even if you have musical talents, as your child becomes a teen they are looking for other mentors, new musical avenues. Develop a good relationship with their teachers, other musicians, friends and other musical family members.
  • ·????? Recitals- Insist on recitals and concerts.? Playing without a goal is like walking and never arriving. Or schedule them to play for church or other social gatherings.?
  • ·????? Respond – When your child plays a piece of music make comments that are both instructive and supportive. Try not to nag or get into a power struggle.?
  • ·????? Expose? – Enjoy many different kinds of music in your home. By exposing your child to the variety of musical genres you are giving him choice.? In our home, evening and bedtime were set aside for classical music, Sundays were gospel, and weekends we enjoyed country, jazz, and rock.
  • ?? ? Have Fun?- Music can emote the frolic within us. I can still hear my husband chorusing through the house as he sang "Awake and Arise" to rouse the children from their weekend slumber.?
  • ·????? Camps - Summer musical camps help teens connect with other teens both on a social and creative way. Teens need to identify with others that have similar talents and skills. It helps stretch their talent and creates a mild spirit of competition which helps to bring out their best.?
  • ·????? Share - Music was meant to be shared with others. A good way to help them to excel and grow in their talent involves finding way to help the share their talent with others. Guests, family gatherings, church meetings, videos, Utube are just a few ideas.?
  • ·????? Identify – Create ways to help your child identify music as part of their life. Photos with them and their instrument and family letters that describe their talents both help teens to identify and define themselves with music.
  • ·????? Respect – Understand that they may not want to play a certain instrument. We insisted they play piano until 5th grade because piano is such a good base for all other instruments. After 5th grade if they wanted to explore other instruments this was fine. High school meant they were free to forego lessons for other activities.?
  • ·????? Support – Attend as many of their recitals and performances as possible. If you play then play duets and trios with them.? Try to find music that bridges the generation differences and creates a bond between you. If you don't play try to invite guests to your house that do play. They will serve as mentors and role models for your teen.??

How do you encourage your child’s musical talent to blossom?

How do you help them keep that stick to it “ness” that is required for success?

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Tips To Keep Your Child From Getting Sick

As we are in the midst of the cold and flu season, sickness is all around us. This time of the year is common for sickness and so we must take extra precautions to try to keep our children and families from getting sick. The following are some tips to help prevent your child from getting sick:

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bathe your New Baby without Fear

Slippery Baby-How to Bathe your New Baby without Fear

Your newborn baby just lost his or her umbilical cord and now you can look forward to giving your child their first proper bath. You prepared before the baby arrived. You have a small infant tub, adorable baby towels and washcloths and plenty of baby shampoo and soap. You are looking forward to this milestone and dad is even on hand to help and snap a few pictures. You fill the water up and lower the baby in the water. Suddenly, you fear that the baby is too slippery or the water is too hot or too cold. What do you do? First of all, relax. You won’t be branded a bad parent if your child’s first bath doesn’t go according to plan, however you do need to be careful. Here are some tips for making sure your baby’s first bath goes well.

Getting the right supplies: The first thing you will want to do before giving your baby a bath is to make sure you have the right supplies. You will need a mild baby shampoo and baby soap. While you certainly do not need special washcloths or towels, make sure they are soft and won’t scratch your baby’s skin. Most parents opt for a fancy baby bath, but the sink works just as well. So, before filling up with water, get out everything you need, including a new diaper.

Test the water: When you bath your child, you need to make sure the water is not too hot or too cold. Lukewarm is just about right. You have seen parents testing baby water on the inside of the wrist. This is actually a perfect way to see how the water will feel to your baby. Too cold will leave your baby screaming and any water that is too hot can scald your baby. In fact, you may even want to buy a special water thermometer at your baby supply store. These can help you determine if your bath water is the right temperature. When you do fill the tub, remember you do not need to completely submerse your baby. You only need a couple of inches for a good bath. If you do use a baby tub, you might want to consider placing it in the bathtub instead of the sink, or your can forgo the tub altogether and just take a bath with your baby.

Lower your baby in: When you lower your baby in the water, you need a firm, yet gently grip. Babies do tend to become quite slippery when they are in the water. One great tip is to place a folded towel in the bottom of the baby tub or sink. This will provide a skid-proof bottom and help you keep a hold of your baby better. One word of caution, never, ever leave your baby in the water unattended, even for a second. You should have all of your supplies right there and always keep one hand on your baby during the whole bath.

Wash that baby clean: Now you can wash your baby. You might want to wash the hair last so that your baby does not become chilled. When you do use soap, remember a little goes a long way and the more you use, the harder it will be to rinse. Have a small cup that you can use to fill and rinse your baby with clean water.

Dry and dress: As soon as your baby’s bath is complete, have someone nearby ready with a towel. Wrap your baby in the towel and take your child to a warm spot. Have clothes and a diaper ready to go and your baby will be clean and sweet smelling in no time.

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