Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are backlinks getting less important?

To test how important backlinks might be I simply tested by blasting an affiliate site (not mine) with some(I guess small) scrapebox blasts… since there is no real sandbox for backlinks I am only doing something good to this affiliate site anyways, so I thought, what the ****, lets try it.

that site has now about 150 backlinks more(wordpress only) then before the blast(before it had about 40), the backlinks are all with different keywords in the anchor text. I tried to get only backlinks from niche relevant sites.

guess what, that site is still not able to get above the site that has only 2 freaking backlinks…!!! and these 2 backlinks have a pr of n/a to the page, and the main domains have pr 4. the pages have 41 and 20 outgoing links each… and the pages, both of them are not content related to the site they link to.

so in my amateur opinion these backlinks are not strong, now are they?
however – the affiliate site I blasted had below 20 pages, more or less keyword optimized, while the other site has about 1200 pages indexed – and guess what, only rss feed autoblog articles are on that site, but 2, the ones with the affiliate links…

the small affiliate site has no content that is duplicate content according to copyscape, and the 2 backlink site passes copyscape too (wtf, how is this possible, 99% of it’s posts are from rss feeds?!)

both sites have a pr of 0 and an age of 0.
the 2 backlink site has the keyword in the h1, the affiliate site I blasted has not.

the keyword is a 3 word phrase. the affiliate has 2 of these words in it’s domain, the site with the low backlink count has all three in it.

guys… I DON’T GET IT… or is an exact match domain more important then quite a few backlinks…? still, the affiliate site has all keywords in the url to some articles…

even with not-that-good onpage seo the affiliate site I blasted should rank above a 2 backlink site with rss content…

seems like more content + exact match domain + better onpage seo outperforms lots of links(I guess if the links go into the thousands, it will be different) + almost exact match domain + small site + “could be better” onsite seo

I am going to do some more blasts, maybe that does help. this time with the exact keyword match I used for the search, in my previous blast I did only add anchor text with keywords that have a high search volume(but still, the other site does not have the keywords in the backlink anchor text too, so that shouldn’t have been the problem…)

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