Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are Antibiotics Causing Your Yeast Infections?

If you use antibiotics yeast infections may be in your future. It is a simple fact that the use of antibiotics is a major cause of yeast infections. It does not matter which antibiotic you use or why you use it. All antibiotics will produce conditions inside the body that are ideal for the growth of Candida yeast infections.

Antibiotics serve a very valuable purpose. Doctors are anxious to prescribe them for many illnesses and, when used appropriately, they can save lives. The purpose of antibiotics is to kill bacteria and they do it very well. In fact, they sometimes do it too well. By killing all bacteria they not only kill the dangerous bacteria but also the friendly helper bacteria that keep the body healthy. That is when the problems start.

Antibiotics are prescribed so often that some people have taken many courses over their lifetime. This frequent use causes a build-up of antibiotics in the body and makes it hard for the good bacteria to survive. The body also can become dependent upon antibiotics to kill infection.

Everyone’s body contains friendly bacteria that are needed by the body to defend against attacks by unfriendly bacteria and fungus. These friendly bacteria live naturally in our intestinal tracts. If something such as an antibiotic destroys the friendly bacteria, the body’s natural defense system is destroyed and bad bacteria, fungus, and yeast infections are allowed to grow out of control.

Candida yeast also lives naturally in our intestinal tracts. In a healthy body the yeast does no harm and, in fact, serves a useful purpose. However, it must be kept under control or it will turn into a yeast infection. The yeast is kept under control by the friendly bacteria. When antibiotics destroy the friendly bacteria there is nothing left to keep the yeast from multiplying. When the yeast multiplies and grows out of control it mutates into a fungus and all the horrible yeast infection symptoms begin.

It is possible to break the antibiotic cycle and restore the body’s ability to fight off yeast infections. We first have to remove the yeast that has been allowed to grow out of control. After the yeast is removed we must bring the body back into balance by establishing an internal environment that will allow friendly bacteria to live. Only after we have done these things can we reintroduce the friendly bacteria that have been destroyed by the antibiotics.

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