Monday, October 25, 2010

Shocker: Not true youth drug use

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Your adolescent insists on the fact that he is not taking medication and you believe that it.


A new study shows teens are 52 times more likely positive cocaine to the COP to use - even if they know that they will be tested and are guaranteed privacy, according to a report in Pediatrics.

"It should not have been surprising to us," Dr. Virginia Delaney-black, Professor of Pediatrics at the Wayne State University and is the principal author of the article, tells ParentDish."Take-home message is that it is human nature that we want to give socially acceptable responses, and everyone believed that by drugs or for admission to the use of drugs is socially acceptable."

Researchers conducted confidential interviews with more than 400 urban adolescents at high risk age 14 or older and their parents and called on the recurrent use of drugs.After completing a questionnaire on the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine and heroin, subjects provided a sample of hair, which was subsequently tested for drugs.

Hair samples, researchers gathered in 211 were sufficient for testing cocaine, 69 returns results positifs.Mais these teens 69, only two had admitted to drug use, Delaney-black tells ParentDish.Il was despite having was assured, no there is no impact if they have allowed the use of drugs, their parents would not be told and that no third parties would be allowed to request information.

Parents have been tested, too, and are not entirely accurate to their responses, adult soit.Les were 6.5 times more likely to test positive for cocaine and 5.5 times more likely positive of opiates, which they were admitted to these substances.Les also sous-identifié parents their adolescent drug use.

The results show that you can't rely on your child or your instinct, if you need to know whether or not your teen fact drugs.

"If you really need this information, whether you're a researcher or a pediatrician or a parent, you may be more than simply ask," Delaney-black tells ParentDish.

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