Sunday, October 31, 2010

Healthy fun

It is always a struggle to help kids eat healthy, especially when unhealthy things are (a), (b) generally less expensive and (c) very good taste. Often, we fight with healthy choices and our struggle for children too. The example we is probably the first thing that allows or poorly their eating habits, but our habits influence on what we buy and, therefore, that we serve our children. Even if we try to serve things healthy if we eat unhealthy foods, they see this, pick up on it and eventually imitate it.

How to combat unhealthy for kids? How help us reduce our children for diabetes and obesity - problems which, I believe that if they are present in childhood, they present their vie.Ce risks are times, when they are young and adventurous and 50 pounds overweight) to help them understand how much "gastronomy" can taste and it is wonderful to be in good health.

I want to make very clear that it is highly inappropriate to tell your child that they need lose weight, underline their habits unhealthy .Lorsqu ' is what you say and do weight issues now paste with them - for good or bad, so carefully tread.

Focus on setting a good example first make a collective effort of family to be in better healthUse phrases like: "I want to be healthier and I want our families to be healthier, so we're going to try an experiment" - report on the family and do make a specific child if you especially as struggles.Even if you thin children, they may still be unhealthy - and after all this is not about the appearance, it's overall health and wellness

If you need, SNEAK'IN. Sneak of healthier foods diet slightly at a time and fun means and they cannot view or soins.Si tastes good and is fun to eat food that they you pardonnera.Et remember (no starving kids in this notice): they eat when they are hungry.

In A certain way fun and simple to add healthy habits to yours and your children's lives is:

-buy whole wheat pasta and mix with white slow evolution report pasta until you are whole grains

-Slip fruit leather instead of fruit snacks in their lunches

-Add a stick of cheese or fruit to their meal instead of a sweet

-give your children baking chips or even fruit and vegetable chips

-Of the playful healthy food packaging (i.e. cut sandwiches forms or finalized as a gift)

-Give your children fruit and dessert fat free yogurt dip

-Facilitate walking to school a family affair when they are young enough to be embarrassed

-Take a walk evening as a family play "I spy" and other games

-Get outside and play games with them.Night games are always fun and a great way to be active

-Make a race barriers in the backyard or Park is another way to become active

-Give your children choice: if they get to choose between different vegetables, they are more likely to consume their

-Have your children help cook you ( see previous post on this ) it makes more excited to eat what they helped prepare - even if it is healthy!

-Planting a garden if you let your aider.Ils children are so excited to eat what they have increased

-L' fun experience do try something nouveau.Un set it or have a contest with a new healthy ingredient kitchen

Most forget that starting young is the best thing to help your children to be healthy, but it is never too late to make changes.Change begins with you, you're the parent.Vous are those who cooks and food purchases.You are in charge of what your family eats!

What are some of the things that struggle you with when trying to help your kids to eat healthier? what are some w , you've got this working?

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