Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to play: Walk Spooky

Print photos, images of Halloween to play. Credit: rkramer62, Flickr

What you need: A box, monstrous Halloween music and pre-cut or printed images of Halloween, pumpkin, witches, ghosts and scarecrows.You'll need an image by joueur.Vous also need to write that each image is on slips of paper to draw box.

How to play: Place images in a circle on the floor. Having children take on the images to start the music.Have the children walk around the intensification standing circle beside or on the things you d├ęcoupez.Au random intervals, stop the music and everyone freezes the image beside him.It should only be a child to an image.

he rules: once everyone has ceased, draw the name of one of images (such as a witch) of the person standing on or near the witch bo?te.La would be out of the game .the ' image witch would then be drawn from the game, so there are just as many images to the left as there are children still jeu.Le game continues until only one remains.

How to win: the last player remaining is the winner.

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