Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to play: trick or treat game

Draw some pumpkins to see if you get a tip or a treat. Credit: edenpictures, Flickr

What you need:Orange building paper, a punch in the form of pumpkin, scissors, a marker and kettle one plastic witch.

How to play:Thanks to the die, trace the Pumpkins (you will need the same amount as the players), orange construction paper and cut out them. write "Treat" on the front and the back of a pumpkin.Write "Trick" on the backs of others pumpkins and on all fronts, write something stupid to - as walking as a spider, cackle like a witch, beat your wings as a bat, dance like a fairy tale or a walk as Frankenstein.

Rules:Put all the pumpkin in a kettle plastic Witch and have each child draw a lot.If they get marked pumpkin "treatment", allow to choose delight on a network or assign a u.s. prices ' they get "tour" to do what he said to win the deal.

Win the war:Anyone who withdrew pumpkin "Treatment" is the winner.

What you need to know:For extra fun, you can continue to make the players to do stupid things further until they identify a delight.

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